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General Customer Service Info:


National Fuel
New Services Department
365 Mineral Springs Road #3
Buffalo, NY 14210

Buffalo Area: (716) 827-2343

Fax: (716) 827-2322

Gas Emergencies:

24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Call to have your utility lines marked for free.

Service Line Installation

If you are interested in obtaining natural gas service, you can, at no obligation, complete an online application to initiate the process. You can also mail or fax a completed written application if you prefer. If you have questions about your installation, our New Service Department is available to help you and answer any questions you might have.

Before installation can begin, please complete the following steps:

New Buildings

The foundation must be completed and the selected meter site must be marked, backfilled to final grade and free of obstructions such as building materials, dirt piles and scaffolding.

Existing Buildings

The house piping must be installed and/or proof of purchase of natural gas heating equipment must be provided.

Applicants must complete a certificate verifying compliance with minimum insulation standards.

Meter Placement

Typically, meters will be installed outside the residence, opposite the driveway, and no further than five feet from the front corner of the house. However, National Fuel may install the meter in another location that it determines to be reasonably accessible, convenient and safe.

The service shall be perpendicular to the main and in a straight line directly to the meter location at the front wall or along the sidewall, no further than five (5) feet from the corner of the building. If there is a driveway, the meter will be on opposite side from the driveway. Hover to enlarge. Top crimp shall be even with the top of the sill plate where practical. Minumum of 18 inches from regulator vent to a window or any opening. Minimum of 3 feet from electric meter. Houseline to extend out from building no more than 6 inches. From the ground, minimum of 7 inches regulator clearance and minimum of 4 inches meter clearance. No more than 5 feet from front corner of building. Hover to enlarge.