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Choosing A Natural Gas Supplier - New York

National Fuel would like to remind its customers that persons coming to their home on behalf of the Utility carry photo identification.

  • National Fuel employees DO have need to visit customers' homes for operational purposes including meter reading, construction work and in the case of an emergency. These persons will carry an identification card and will produce that identification without resistance if asked for it.
  • National Fuel employees do NOT visit customers' homes to discuss account matters, to view a customer's gas bill or to ask them to sign any sort of agreement.

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During the last two decades, changing customer expectations, new technology, emerging markets and environmental concerns have reshaped the operations and services of natural gas utilities as well as the regulations affecting them. Increased competition has resulted in more choices and opportunities for our customers.

National Fuel has been a consistent advocate of increased competition in our industry and we support the action taken by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) that created the opportunity for all customers to now purchase gas from a non-utility supplier. Competition among many gas suppliers for the same customer base may result in cost savings or other service options being offered that consumers may view as being desirable. It is also believed that consumers value choice and view these changes as being beneficial, sometimes without regard to the economic result. So, we'd like to help you to be better prepared to address these changes and be better informed to make choices as they develop. The following summarizes the main gas supply options available to National Fuel's New York customers and answers some frequently asked questions. A list of questions to ask before choosing a natural gas supplier is also available by clicking here.

Bundled Sales Service

This is the traditional style of service from National Fuel. The cost of the gas and the cost of transporting it to you are combined into one retail price. There are several different rates and your rate would depend on the volume of gas you consume annually as well as how you use the gas, since a few special rates are available for such purposes as cogeneration, natural gas vehicles and gas air conditioning.

Unbundled Transportation Service

This option lets you separate the cost of the gas itself (sales service) from the cost of delivering the gas to you (transportation service). Under this scenario, you will be able to choose from whom you would like to purchase your gas, rather than purchasing it from National Fuel.

Who is eligible?

Any National Fuel customer may choose the transportation option.

What is a non-utility supplier?

A non-utility supplier buys the natural gas and sells it to you, including arrangement for its delivery through National Fuel's system. Non-utility suppliers have been selling gas to our larger, commercial and industrial customers since 1983. All non-utility gas suppliers must receive approval from the PSC and National Fuel prior to working on our system to sell gas to customers. For a list of authorized marketers, please click here.

What is National Fuel's role if I purchase gas through a non-utility supplier?

National Fuel will continue delivering gas to your home or business, reading your meter, and ensuring the safety of our underground pipeline system. If there is ever a natural gas emergency or any safety problems, please call National Fuel's 24-hour emergency number immediately at 1-800-444-3130.

How can I save money by buying gas from someone other than National Fuel?

In order to understand how savings may be achieved, it is important to understand the two main components of the gas bill under the bundled service arrangement. The cost of gas represents about half of the customer's bill and is an item upon which neither National Fuel, nor any other utility earns any profit. National Fuel always follows a least cost gas purchasing policy and ensures a reliable and uninterrupted supply of gas to its customers.

The cost of service reflects the cost of delivering gas supplies and the expense for maintenance and upgrade of the pipeline delivery system. Whether National Fuel or an alternative supplier provides gas supplies, customers will still incur National Fuel's delivery fee, a rate that is set through the established regulatory process.

Under the existing ‘unbundled’ framework, customers can potentially save on the gas cost portion of their bill. Savings on this half of the gas bill could be realized in two primary ways — If an alternative gas supplier can purchase gas at a lower wellhead price than National Fuel or through the avoidance of certain taxes.

Is there any information about non-utility suppliers?

Additional information about the changes in the utility industry can be obtained from the PSC. Customers may call them at 1-888-ASKPSC-1 or refer to their web site.

How will I be billed if I choose a non-utility supplier?

You will receive a final bill from National Fuel to clear your account. After that, your non-utility supplier will bill you.

If I continue to purchase gas from National Fuel, will anything change in delivery or service?

No. The delivery of gas and services currently offered by National Fuel will remain the same.

What if I have a question or complaint about my bill?

You should first contact your non-utility supplier. All non-utility suppliers will have a process in place to address complaints. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may consider assistance through available community dispute resolution services or other legal processes. You may also call the Public Service Commission at 1-800-342-3377.

Can a non-utility supplier disconnect my service?

Only National Fuel has authority to physically disconnect your service. If the contract between you and your non-utility supplier is dissolved for any reason, the non-utility supplier may suspend its service upon fifteen days notice. Either you or the non-utility supplier should notify National Fuel immediately. At the end of the fifteen day notice period, you will become our customer again and will be billed by National Fuel directly for your gas supplies.

Who Can I Call For More Information?

You may get additional information by writing to the Public Service Commission at the following address: New York State Public Service Commission, Consumer Services Division, 3 Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12223; or by accessing the PSC's Website or by calling its toll-free information number at 1-888-ASKPSC-1

Authorized Gas Suppliers

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