West Division

Seneca Resources' West Coast Division was established in 1987 when the company acquired several properties from Argo Petroleum in Ventura County, Ca. The West Division celebrated its 25th year of operation in fall 2012 by being named Operator of the Year by California's Bureau of Land Management.

In 1998, Seneca expanded its base into Kern County, Ca. by acquiring the HarCor, Whittier and Bakersfield Energy companies and Ivanhoe Energy USA in 2009. In 2012, Seneca acquired a portion of assets in the east Coalinga oil field, located in the western Fresno County, Ca., from Chevron U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation.

These assets represent a majority of Seneca's production for the West Coast Division. Seneca's West Coast operations are focused on development of these properties along with seeking acquisition of low-to-moderate risk properties throughout all the major producing basins in California. Since 1998, Seneca has continued to maximize returns from its California holdings by optimizing lifting costs and drilling more than 700 new wells.

The West Coast Division fields are predominately oil producing reserves displaying long life properties, with low decline rates and low operating costs. As such, these assets provide a solid base and strong cash flow for Seneca's overall growth-seeking efforts in California and throughout other operating regions of the company.