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Service Line Application

Information Regarding Residential Service Line Request

  • You can, at no obligation, complete the online application below to initiate the process.
  • Once your application is submitted and all necessary conditions are met, installation will be scheduled with our construction crews and completed based on current backlogs. Our New Services Departments in New York and Pennsylvania are available to answer any questions you might have about your service line installation.
  • In some cases, customers are required to pay for service line installation. Once your application is submitted, a representative will complete a field investigation to determine if payment will be required. After you have applied, paid for your service line (if required), and met all required steps, call the New Services Department for scheduling purposes.

Online Application

Fill out and submit the form below. Required questions are highlighted in orange.

Service Line Information
Applicant Information

Service Address

Mailing Information (if different than applicant) (if different than service address)
Building and Fuel Information (if applicable)

If a new build, the foundation must be in and house number displayed before we can accurately measure and determine if there will be a cost. If this is a manufactured/mobile home, we will measure to staked location.

If a mainline installation is necessary, it may cost more and will take longer to process.

National Fuel will backfill the new service trench with original soil. You will be responsible for surface refinishing, restoring lawns, shrubbery, driveways or walkways and the repair of damage to any privately owned underground facilities that are not accurately marked (e.g., water well lines, septic systems, etc.).

The following conditions must be satisfied before your service line can be installed.

  • (PA only) You or your contractor must provide written proof to National Fuel that the building or structure passed inspections required under the uniform construction code.
  • Required state/county permits must be obtained by National Fuel.
  • Payment (if required) must be received.
  • Proposed meter site must be marked, backfilled to rough grade and must be clear of obstruction, i.e., building material, dirt piles, scaffolding, etc.
  • If this is a conversion from another fuel,
    1. you must also have one appliance ready to use gas, or have proof of purchase of a furnace or boiler and
    2. (NY only) you must complete a certificate verifying compliance with minimum insulation standards.

Once these conditions are met, National Fuel will contact the other utilities and direct them to locate any of their underground facilities in the area where we will be digging. This process takes approximately three days.

National Fuel’s goal is to have your service (the line from the road to the house) installed within 10 days from the time the previously stated conditions have been met.

Meter Billing Account Information

A meter cannot be installed and turned on until the service line has been installed and your house gas piping is in place. If you are ready, we may be able to set your meter on the same day we install your service. When you are ready for your meter and to have your service turned on, call 1-800-365-3234.

Once the meter is set, who will be responsible for the billing account?

If the applicant and ratepayer names are different, the meter will be set in the applicant’s name unless the customer calls National Fuel to verify information.

(if different from above) (voluntary) (voluntary)
(About the Budget Plan)

* please check the box above before you submit
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