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TTY: 711

Customer Service

NY: 716-686-6123
PA: 814-871-8200

Or Toll Free: 1-800-365-3234

Before You Dig,
Call 811 or

NY: 1-800-962-7962
PA: 1-800-242-1776


Obtaining Service

Turn Service On or Off

  • Obtaining Service at a New Address
    • Call us at least one week prior to your desired service date.
    • If you are moving and the address is in National Fuel’s service territory, make sure your account is established at your new address.
    • If pipeline service is already in place at the address you are applying for, we will set up your new account and arrange a time during business hours to initiate your gas service.
    • If you are requesting service at a location without pipeline service, a National Fuel field representative will visit the address to determine the location of our gas line and meter. He or she will take measurements for calculating cost, if any, for pipeline installation.
    • A security deposit may be required if you are a short term or seasonal customer.
    • Applications involving an extension to our main line may take longer to process because of rights-of-way and municipal approvals needed. If there are any costs associated with the new installations, payment is required before service can be installed. In New York, a payment plan may be available in certain situations.
  • Discontinuing Service
    • Call us at least one week before your desired service discontinuation date.
    • We must obtain a meter reading in order to issue a final bill. You may be responsible for the gas used until we obtain a final meter reading.
  • Safety Notice
    • The service that National Fuel provides makes it necessary for our representatives to visit customers' homes and businesses every day.
    • If you have a dog, you are legally responsible for its actions both on and off of your premises. Please take care with handling and locating your dog(s), so our representatives can safely complete their important work. Please take note of how you can help prevent your dog from injuring one of our workers:
      • When a National Fuel meter reader or customer service representative comes to your home, keep your dog(s) away from the utility representative in a separate, enclosed area.
      • Regardless of its size or breed, any dog can become motivated to bite. Obedience training helps dogs understand what is expected of them and builds a bond of trust between dogs and their owners.
      • No petting allowed. A dog's natural instinct is to protect its owner and/or its litter. Do not suggest that a meter reader or customer service representative pet your dog(s).
      • If you keep your dog outside, please locate its lead a safe distance away from the gas meter.

Service Line Installation / Upgrade

Landlord Program

  • National Fuel's Landlord Program is an easy way for property owners to manage gas accounts at their rental units when a tenant moves out, and guarantees uninterrupted service.
    • Upon a tenant’s request for discontinuation of service, an automatic transfer of service occurs from a tenant's name to a landlord’s name.
  • Click here for an application
    • Please note:
      • This agreement can only be changed or canceled in writing.
      • National Fuel must be contacted in writing when selling any of the listed properties.
  • If natural gas is not currently being used at your properties, consider upgrading your multi-family unit with natural gas heat and appliances.
    • You may realize higher tenant retention and increased occupancy by offering economical, efficient and clean-burning natural gas.
    • National Fuel can advise you on equipment options, make referrals and recommend a variety of natural gas solutions to save you money. Call the Energy Services Department at 800-343-4568 in NY and 800-551-5991in PA for more information.

Convert to Gas

  • If you live in New York, Click here for information on how to convert your home to natural gas.
  • If you live in Pennsylvania, Click here for information on how to convert your home to natural gas.

Saving Money with Natural Gas Appliances

  • Click here for information on how to save money with natural gas appliances.

Excess Flow Valve Request

Where conditions permit their use, National Fuel can install an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on your natural gas service line (the underground line that runs from the main line to the meter).

Please click here to learn more and submit a request to have an EFV installed on your gas service line.
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