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Service Line Application

Information Regarding Residential Service Line Request

  • If you are interested in obtaining natural gas service from National Fuel, you can, at no obligation, complete this on-line application for service. As you may know, National Fuel is a public utility that provides clean, efficient natural gas that can be used for heating as well as a number of other appliances. Once your application is submitted and all necessary conditions are met, please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for the service installation to be completed. If you have any questions, please call our New Services Department at 1-800-295-0059 (New York) or 1-800-533-6823 (Pennsylvania) between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to providing you with service.
  • Please note that, in some cases, customers are required to pay for the service line installation. Following a service investigation, a proposal detailing any payment required and an application for the new gas account will be delivered to you. When you apply for your meter, please be advised that it cannot be installed and turned on until the service line piping has been installed and the house piping is in place. Also, for customers applying for service in Pennsylvania only, please note that you or your contractor must provide written proof to National Fuel that the building or structure passed the inspections required under the uniform construction code.
  • In addition, in some cases, a security deposit may be required before the gas meter is installed. A National Fuel representative will contact you shortly to discuss if a deposit will be required.

Online Application

Fill out and submit the form below. Required questions are highlighted in orange.

Applicant Information

 Click here for a list of NAICS codes.

 * Required if converting from other fuel
Service Address

Mailing Information
 (if different than applicant)

 (if different than service address)
Building and Fuel Information

An application cannot be processed without this information.
Note: If any equipment will have alternate fuel capability (ex. fuel oil/ well gas/ etc.), please note in the equipment listing.

The normal delivery pressure for service provided by National Fuel to customers in New York and Pennsylvania is 7 inches water column (w.c.).

Please note that the minimum allowable delivery pressure for service provided by National Fuel to customers in New York is 4 inches w.c. Please indicate the delivery pressure for service that you are requesting:
Inches OR Lbs.

General comments or specific requests:
Please submit a site plan referencing the service address provided on this application to show the building layout and desired meter location. Please be sure to detail any underground obstacles that may be present (water, sewer, septic system, phone, etc.). Site Plans can be mailed to the following addresses:
In New York:

New Services
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp.
365 Mineral Spring Road Building #3
Buffalo, NY 14210

or fax to (716) 827-7322
In Pennsylvania:

New Services
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp.
225 Wayne Street
Erie, PA 16507

or fax to (814) 871-8312

Date Foundation Complete:  (for new const. only) Requested Meter Read Date:
  Please note: the date requested must be at least 4 to 6 weeks from today.
Requested Service Line Installation:
  Please note: the date requested must be at least 4 to 6 weeks from today.

Existing Gas Equipment No. of Units Total Btu/Hr Input (Load) Meter

New or Added Gas Equipment
for Each Meter Requested
No. of Units Total Btu/Hr Input (Load) Meter Alt Fuel
Equipment Information
 * Required if alternate fuel source is available

Note: the following section is to be completed only if you are requesting service for an address in Pennsylvania
Please identify the number of years to which you are committing to service from National Fuel

If so, please list the backup heating equipment:

Property Restoration Guidelines:

National Fuel will perform surface restoration when the service line is located within a public right-of-way. In all other cases, customers are responsible for surface refinishing, restoring lawns, shrubbery, driveways, or walkways, and the repair of any damage to unmarked underground facilities that occur as a result of the natural gas service line installation.
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